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Created in 1993, the Tri-Source is the most efficient collection system ever developed for use in an office environment.  Designed to collect only wet or non-recyclable materials, the Tri-Source adapts to all types of paper collection bins. It allows source separation of residual materials while taking up very little space. NI Corporation Products division is very proud to have designed the Tri-Source, which has sold over 1.5 million units to this day. It can be found mainly in Canada and the United States, but also in Europe and China.

NI Corporation also developed the Cité recycling stations in accordance with the requirements and specifications of Montreal’s Agence métropolitaine de transport. These cabinets were designed with their needs in mind, using a stainless steel structure and compartments, as well as galvanized steel liners for storm water drainage. These urban furnishings certainly meet very high solidity and fire safety standards.

To meet the very special needs of Groupe Plein Emploi, NI Corporation developed a cellular phone collection bin. NI Corporation based its design on the client’s needs and came up with a bin exhibiting the following characteristics:

  • Large enough to accept 30 to 50 units;
  • A theft-proof hatch that nonetheless makes it easy to drop off a used cellular phone;
  • Baked-on paint finish for improved resistance to vandalism.

Similarly, NI Corporation developed a newspaper collection bin for the Montreal subway in keeping with the client’s specifications. This second-generation metallic bin was developed in 2005 expressly for Publications Métropolitaines inc. The bin had to meet certain criteria such as:

  • A lockable collection module;
  • A stainless steel chute module;
  • A 3350 cm² (520 sq. in.) communications module for information or awareness messages;
  • Wall-mountable, the bin adopts the shape of the subway trash bins.

In addition to designing bins that meet specific needs, NI Corporation is proud to establish close working relationships with certain clients. NI Corporation namely supplies Public Works and Government Services Canada with recycling equipment under the terms of a standing offer.

NI Corporation also maintains close ties with Quebec’s provincial government: for the VISEZ juste! Recycling program, the MultiPlus was chosen as the preferred collection equipment. By the end of 2010, 10,000 MultiPlus modules had been sold to departments, organisations and private entities alike.

Always on the lookout for new trends in the residual materials management industry, NI Corporation was involved in the development of Quebec’s signage standards. These signage standards are now known and recognized throughout Quebec, thus making it easier for Quebec facilities to take part in the sorting of recyclable materials.

Over the past three years, the Table pour la récupération hors foyer financing program has focused on optimizing recycling in public areas. The Table’s partners provided almost $6,000,000 for three years in order to finance the purchase of recycling equipment by municipal public areas, hotels, bars and restaurants. Over one third of the equipment approved by the Table for non-domestic recycling and eligible for funding consists of equipment manufactured or distributed by NI Corporation!

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