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Coaching of the Maison du Développement durable




Since November 2008

Project description

Provide coaching and advice to the Maison du développement durableduring the "preconstruction" stage of this multi-tenant building in order to include a "residual material management" dimension dealing equally with residual materials and compostable materials.

Project objective

Coach the client in the areas of layout, equipment, collection and transportation process, as well as document drafting.


Met with the architects and project promoters; Performed a preliminary analysis in order to elaborate the list of material categories and determine the quantities that will be generated in each sector of the building; Identified the types of recycling bins and trash containers, and determined the optimal locations for them by examining the building blueprints; Reflected on the best way to collect, transport and store the residual materials generated on site and recommended the requisite equipment and procedures


Calculated the anticipated amount and composition of residual material generation for each zone of the building; Formulated recommandations regarding the layout of the residual material storage area;

NI Environnement's contribution

Used generation rates and composition profiles obtained from previous NI Environnement studies; Provided timely answers to the architects' technical questions

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