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Ecocenter planning

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Concept and implementation plans for a Lasalle borough ecocenter providing residual material management services for both citizens and industries


LaSalle borough Public Works


July 2005

Project description

Design the layout, define the collective service offering and develop an implementation plan for the industrial portion of the Lasalle Ecocenter.

Project objective

Plan the project's logistics and implementation costs. Design, plan and budget the implementation of ecocenter infrastructures that meet the needs of its target clients. Determine how ancillary services will be offered, priced and financed.


Visited the ecocenter's projected implementation site; Obtained aerial photographs; Visited ecocentres; Considered which collective services should be offered; Assessed income, expenses and financing.


NI Environnement's contribution

Physical layout design integrating distintive elements, such as conserving 25% of the site's natural vegetation; proposal for a covered receiving and sorting area for bulk materials as part of "phase II"; redesigned reusable items warehouse; Putting into practice the voluntary commitment principle born out of NI Environnement's ÉPIQ project; Virtual model of the ecocenter.

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