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  • Residual Material Management Guide for SME Executives (2001)

    This guide is intended as a hands-on tool for small and medium enterprise executives who want to familiarize themselves with residual material management.

    First, the document introduces case studies in order to highlight the fact that any business can implement an effective and affordable residual material management plan.

    This is followed by a section that paints the portrait of residual material management in Quebec in both quantitative and regulatory terms.

    The third section constitutes the operational guide which explains the five broad steps to implementing a residual material management plan.

    The Guide ends with listings of complementary resources such as associations, businesses and information sources.

    Short, diversified info. briefs round out the content.

    Author: Collective of authors led by Frederik Richard

  • Residual Material Management Guide for SME Executives – Canadian Version (2003)

    This guide is intended for small and medium enterprise managers. This document aims to provide the basic tools and knowledge that the reader needs in order to initiate or carry-out the steps toward improved residual material management.

    The structure is identical to that of the 2001 edition, but the content has been updated and adapted to appeal to a Canadian audience.

    The first section presents case studies of businesses (one from each Canadian province) that successfully implemented a residual material management plan.

    This is followed by an overview of residual material management for each Canadian province and territory.

    In the third section, the operational guide explains how, in five broad steps, it is possible to develop and implement a residual material management program.

    Additional resources can be found at the end of the document for readers in search of more information.

    Short info. briefs on various topics are scattered throughout the Guide.

    Author: Collective of authors led by Frederik Richard

  • Couleur Bazar (2007) – co-published with the City of Montreal

    Instead of simply publishing a series of addresses in Montreal’s Répertoire des adresses du réemploi, Éditions Ruffec suggested the creation of an actual 4Rs magazine.

    Far from replacing the useful and much appreciated Répertoire d’adresses, Couleur Bazar constitutes a fabulous tool for increasing the public’s awareness and understanding of waste reduction and the reuse, recycling and recovery of residual materials.

    The magazine contains loads of short articles, info. briefs and profiles of salvaging/reuse companies.

    Author: NI Environment and the City of Montreal

  • Joint Realisations

  • Portrait de la gestion des matières résiduelles dans le sous-secteur institutionnel au Québec (2009)

    (Overview of Residual Material Management in Quebec’s institutional sub-sector (2009))

    This summary report aims to present the most accurate portrait possible of Quebec’s institutional sub-sector. More specifically, it aims to quantify residual material production and recycling for the various groups that make up the institutional sub-sector, namely: private administration and professional services; public administration; financial institutions; public and private healthcare system; public and private education system and other institutions (museums, cultural and religious institutions).

    This report briefly describes residual material management in Quebec’s institutional sub-sector, and then it paints a portrait of the five main institutional groups. Finally, an analysis sheds some light on the situation for each residual material category. The methodology used to produce this report is described at the end of the document.

    Author: RECYC-QUÉBEC

  • Contributing Editor

  • Guide sur la collecte et le compostage des matières organiques du secteur municipal – document synthèse (2006)

    (Guide on collecting and composting municipal sector organic waste – summary document (2006))

    This Guide is for Quebec municipalities looking to implement a collection and composting program for organic materials (gardening waste and food waste).

    The document essentially focuses on composting, but an alternative called anaerobic digestion is also discussed briefly. Municipalities wishing to compost their wastewater treatment sludges will find useful information for preparing their project.

    This guide describes the main steps involved in planning and implementing an organic materials collection and treatment program that uses composting to achieve waste diversion. A more complete technical document complements the summary document.

    Author: RECYC-QUÉBEC

  • Guide sur la collecte sélective des matières recyclables – document synthèse (2006)

    (Guide on the separate collection of recyclable materials (2006))

    This guide can help elected officials and municipal managers increase the proportion of recyclable materials recovered from the separate collection of residual materials.

    It is therefore intended to make elected officials and municipal managers aware and knowledgeable enough to improve the performance of their separate collection program.

    It summarizes the information from a more detailed technical document. It contains actual separate collection performance data from Quebec and includes an overview of the various separate collection processes and equipment.

    The document also contains information about markets for recyclable materials, sorting and recovery centers and the cost of separate collection. The final section describes the steps that a municipality must take in order to implement or improve the performance of separate collection while keeping in mind current needs and requirements.

    Author: RECYC-QUÉBEC

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