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NI Corporation is a firm of environmental management professionals specializing in residual material management. Since 1993, the company has evolved significantly and is now comprised of four distinct yet complementary divisions. Use the hyperlinks above to find out everything there is to know about each of these divisions

The Products division manufactures and distributes products for the handling of residual materials;

The Consulting division offers environmental consulting services that specialize in residual material management;

The Recovery division offers specialized recyclable material collection services geared toward small generators and public areas and

The Publishing division is a publisher of residual material management works.

The company was born from the distribution of a few paper sorting products for use in office environments.  Quickly, the range of products was expanded by distributing the wares of Quebec, Canadian, American and European manufacturers.

Customers gradually expressed interest in learning how to properly implement new collection equipment at their site.  NI Corporation confidently began to guide its clients in their residual material management activities: logistics, communications, location selection.

It was this ever growing need for information that led to the creation of the NI Environment division in 1998. The range of available services also expanded rapidly, such that the company has now carried out over 175 mandates of various types and extents.

One of those mandates – the planning and implementation of recycling services in every station of the Montreal subway network – is what triggered the birth of the Recovery division in 2005.

As for the Publishing division, it was founded in 2001 when NI Corporation took it upon itself to offer Quebec’s small and medium enterprise owners a practical guide for the planning and implementation of a residual material management program. Partners came on board which made it possible to distribute the guide for free as well as to reedit it in 2003 for distribution across Canada.

NI Corporation’s philosophy is to exceed each and every client’s expectations. In order to achieve this, the team goes the extra step with wholehearted commitment and the challenging of established beliefs.

The president shares his long-term vision with every member of the team, and the team in turn proposes new avenues to explore over the course of its various mandates.

NI Corporation prides itself in achieving success no matter what challenges it is presented with. It draws on the strengths of its core team of qualified, university-educated professionals, supported as necessary by environmental technicians from college- or university-level training programs.

In a nut shell, NI Corporation provides all the know-how required to meet and exceed your environmental management objectives.

Corporation Norme Internationale inc

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